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The Aston Martin DBX doesn’t come out until December, but this early, Aston Martin is already curating the image of its new crossover as a lifestyle-oriented SUV that also happens to have a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces 542 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. The British automaker is doubling down on that plan with the release of a full range of lifestyle accessories, each of which is based on specific lifestyle needs. All told, Aston Martin created 11 different packages with each package offering something unique to the table. There’s a package catered for off-road adventures. There’s a package catered for the snow. There’s even a package catered for your pets. These packages are as detail-specific as they come, and once the DBX hits the market, you can choose which one suits your personality and lifestyle the best.

2020 Aston Martin DBX
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Aston Martin is doing a good job covering its bases in anticipation of the DBX crossover’s arrival. It’s smart on Aston’s part, too. The DBX is an important model for the British automaker. If it hits, it could even turn into Aston Martin’s most popular model. There’s a real possibility that could happen given the growing popularity of premium crossovers and SUVs these days. But that popularity also comes at the cost of strong competition from a lot of other brands. As it is, the Aston Martin DBX will have no shortage of rivals when it hits the market. Models like the Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Levante, BMW X6, and Range Rover Sport are all looking to get big chunks of the market share.

If the Aston Martin DBX is going to stand out beyond the brochures and catalogs, it needs a hook to get people to notice it.

Turns out, the Aston Martin DBX doesn’t have just one hook. It has 11.

That number constitutes the full range of lifestyle accessories that will be available to Aston Martin’s first-ever SUV. The British automaker disclosed details on all 11 packages, providing us with a clear picture of what we could expect from these lifestyle packages. Some packages aren’t for everyone, and some are almost sure-fire additions to any DBX. Choose wisely on which of these packages you want.

Touring Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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The Touring Pack should be a crowd favorite because of its premium orientation. In typical Aston Martin fashion, the DBX SUV’s Touring Pack comes with an eye-watering four-piece leather luggage set, cabin saddlebags, an emergency first aid kit, and a lockable storage unit under the front passenger seat. The four-piece leather luggage set is the unquestioned highlight of the entire pack, but if, for some reason, you’re not tickled by it, you can opt for a more extensive six-piece luggage set that includes a pair of large suitcases, two smaller suitcases, and two holdalls.

Each piece of this set is stitched and trimmed to the standards of Aston Martin so expect nothing less but the best when you avail of the Touring Pack.

Snow Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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The Snow Pack is as described. It’s specifically available for those who have a passion for skiing and the contents of the pack reflect that. Among the goodies included are a ski bag, a roof-mounted ski rack, and snow chains. Sure, they’re not as visually appealing as the luggage set from the Touring Pack, but people who are going to buy the Snow Pack will do it for its functionality more than vanity. Speaking of functionality, the aforementioned items aren’t the only useful contents in the Snow Pack. There’s also a boot warmer that should make that first ski run a bit more on the pleasurable side. Realistically, not everyone’s going to buy the Snow Pack. Those who aren’t into winter sports have no use for it. But those who are of the outdoors in the wintertime should give this lifestyle package a long and discerning look. There are a lot of pieces in this pack that could prove useful when you’re about to go to the mountains for some skiing action.

Essentials Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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The Essentials Pack works well with the Touring Pack. Whereas the Touring Pack provides posh additions to the DBX, the Essentials Pack puts together a few bits and equipment that could prove useful in day-to-day life. The pack comes with a center console organizer, which is never a bad idea for a car like the DBX.

A rear-seat entertainment holder is also included in the pack, as is a heated cup.

These additions aren’t necessarily for your pleasure — the rear seat digs are for the kiddos — but if the contents of the pack help make the daily commute smoother and less distracting for you, then it should be worth a look. Heck, that center console organizer is already an interesting addition altogether.

Event Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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The Event Pack is probably my most favorite out of all the announced lifestyle packages for the Aston Martin DBX. There are no fancy four-piece luggage sets included in this program. There are no snow chains and rear-seat entertainment holders, either. Instead of all those, the Event Pack comes with a modular picnic hamper, picnic blanket, and actual event seating. You can take your DBX outside and have an impromptu al fresco lunch wherever you want to have it. Food and beverages should be of your own volition, but in keeping with the theme of the Event Pack, Aston Martin is also throwing in extra umbrella storage as part of the Event lifestyle package.

Pets Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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Just as the Snow Pack is specifically catered to skiers and winter vacationers, the Pet Pack targets prospective owners who have their pets. The Pets Pack addresses a lot of needs of people who love taking their pets with them on the road. The package comes with a partition in the back to provide animals with their own space in the rear cargo area of the SUV.

There should be enough space in that area — the DBX reportedly has over 22 cubic feet of cargo volume in that space — for pets of most sizes to roam freely without feeling claustrophobic with their surroundings.

A portable washer is also part of the package for times when your pets make a mess of themselves inside the SUV. Speaking of messes, the Pets Pack also includes a special bumper protector to keep the SUV’s paintwork intact and in pristine condition even with all the sharp paws roaming in and around the DBX. This protector has no purpose to those who don’t have pets, but for those who do, it could spell the difference between a perpetually pristine DBX and one that looks like it’s been through some rough times.

Interior Protection Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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The Aston Martin DBX’s interior gets some love, too. The Interior Protection pack isn’t extensive, but it does address a few of the less-heralded pieces of equipment in any car interior. I know I make jokes about the overall importance of floor mats, but they are important in helping keep a cabin as clean as it could be. The Interior Protection Pack comes with all-weather floor mats, an all-weather load space mat, and seat covers. Aston Martin didn’t detail the specifics of these seat covers, but rest assured, the materials that Aston Martin will use will be top-quality. Don’t expect any cheap fake leather in this pack, folks. The last useful item of note that’s included in the Interior Protection Pack is a rear bumper protector. In my head, anything that protects the DBX from unintended harm is a welcome addition to the fold.

Expression Pack

Aston Martin DBX Lifestyle Accessories
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As the name implies, Aston Martin’s Expression Pack for the DBX combines vanity additions with functional pieces.

Comfort headrests are the highlights of the package, but they’re also joined by illuminated tread plates, polished carbon fiber tailpipe finishers, a key pouch, and valve maps with Aston Martin’s easily identifiable wings logo.

The comfort headrests and the illuminated treat plates are nice additions to the DBX. I can do without the key pouch, but other than that, all the items included in the Expression Pack serve some purpose.

Field Sport Pack

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
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The Field Sport Pack is probably the most straightforward of all 11 lifestyle packages for the Aston Martin DBX. There are only two items included in this list — a gun cabinet and a shooting stick — and if you’re not into that kind of sport and/or activity, there’s no reason for you to get this pack unless you just want to be a completist and load up your DBX with every available package. But if you are the gun-toting sort, the Field Sport pack could prove useful if you’re hunting for game in the outdoors.

Bike Pack

2020 Aston Martin DBX
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The Bike Pack is a lot like the Field Sport Pack. It caters to a certain type of DBX owner, specifically those that like to hit up the trails as much as it can. If that’s you, you’re going to love the Bike Pack, even if there are only two items included in the whole thing. The roof-mounted bike rack is a must-have because where else would you place your bikes? There’s also a portable washer that’s as useful as it sounds. You’re going to need the washer, too, when you’re in the outdoors. Imagine the amount of dirt and grime you’re going to subject yourself to. You’re not going to hop back in your DBX without at least cleaning yourself off, right?

Adventure Pack

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
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The Adventure Pack goes hand-in-hand with a lot of the other lifestyle packages that Aston Martin has on the table.

It works with the Bike Pack, Event Pack, Field Sport Pack, and, to some extent, the Interior Protection Pack.

You’re getting the Adventure Pack if you’re the outdoorsy type, and what better way to protect your DBX from the elements than installing heavy-duty tread plates and mud flaps on the SUV? The roof crossbars are helpful for storage, too, and there’s always use for wet bag storage, right? But really, the tread plates and the mud flaps are the stars of this pack.

Sanctuary Pack

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
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Last but certainly not least is the confusingly named Sanctuary Pack. You would think that the name Sanctuary would have something to do with a spruced-up interior, but that’s not the case here. The Sanctuary Pack is mostly a grooming package for the DBX. It comes with a battery conditioner, a Clean & Care Kit, and an indoor car cover. It’s a bit misleadingly named, but we’ll give Aston Martin the benefit of the doubt. The Sanctuary Pack does serve a purpose, especially if you’re the type who likes your DBX to look as clean as spic and span as often as possible.

A peek into the individual accessories

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
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If none of these lifestyle packages look interesting to you, there is a way to personalize your Aston Martin DBX without having to avail of any of the 11 available packages. Three special edition Maxi-Cosi child and baby seats are available from Aston Martin. This could go hand-in-hand with the Events Pack and its contents. The child and baby seats measure differently but the two have a common purpose and a pretty important one at that. As such, Aston Martin is also including its patented 3wayFix ISOFIX base that’s already trimmed in leather and available for use with babies, toddlers, and even small children. Car covers are also available in three versions — outdoor, ultimate, and bespoke — and you can also avail of tire cushions, snow chains, a roof box, and a winter wheel and tire kit.

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