Britain’s secret weapon could be driving an electric car in the future

Aston Martin’s push for electrification is well-documented, as are the intentions of a lot of other automakers in the world. The British automaker’s case for putting more emphasis on EV models has allowed it to partner with the likes of investment firm ChinaEquity in the development of an electric version of the Aston Martin Rapide. It’s also working on an all-electric DBX SUV. Now, it appears that Aston’s taking its commitment on EVs to another level by essentially predicting that its most famous ambassador will be driving Aston EVs in the future.

Bond. James Bond. Yes, the fictional British secret agent who is best known for driving Astons and thwarting global catastrophe may turn in his traditional luxury rides of choice in favor of versions of the electric persuasion. Speaking with CNBC, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, who himself is a champion for the electric cars, indicated that an electric vehicle very well be in the future or Britain’s secret weapon. Palmer added that Bond would be able to handle the complexities of an electric car because its capacity to boast a ton of torque and lightning-quick acceleration would be perfectly suited for the secret agent’s “act now, ask questions later” mentality.

If Aston Martin continues down this path with the same vigor and determination that Bond traditionally displays when he’s trying to save the world, we might as well see the agent turn up in the RapidE or the electric DBX SUV in the near future. After all, Aston Martin has been the car of choice for James since 1964’s Goldfinger when he drove the Aston Martin DB5 straight into automotive immortality. Most recently, he was driving the DB10, a car that Aston Martin built specifically for his use in the 2015 movie Spectre.

James Bond driving an electric car? It definitely doesn’t sound as strange as it once did.

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Why it matters

I’ve always been a fan of the James Bond movie franchise and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a big part of that fandom is tied to the cars that he drives. He’s driven Aston Martins for a majority of his life as a secret spy so it would be interesting to see if we see him behind the wheel of an electric car in the future. The implications may not mean much from a movie standpoint, but Aston Martin has a potentially huge marketing opportunity here if it does end up going down that road.

Say what you will about Bond’s fictional status, but make no mistake, a lot of actual people look up to Bond as a role model of sorts. From the business-like way he goes about his business to the debonaire aura he exudes, a lot of men want to be like him and a lot of women want to…you get the picture. Can you imagine the kind of attention Aston Martin could get if James Bond ends up driving one of its electric vehicles in a future movie? That’s the kind of publicity that no other carmaker can boast of.

I mean, if I was watching that movie and I see Bond behind the wheel of the RapidE or the DBX EV, I’m going to think to myself, “if this car is cool enough for James Bond, then it’s cool." That said, I know that’s not really the way the world works, but rest assured, there are people who think like that. The only issue I see with him driving an EV are the headaches Q might get trying to reconfigure all those weapons and gadgets into the car. But other than that, the mere thought of James Bond driving an EV Aston Martin is as exciting as seeing him flirt his way into another woman’s...heart.

Aston Martin DB10

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Source: CNBC

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