• Aston Martin future cars: Rapide + DBX

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  • 2006 Aston Martin Rapide Concept
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Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez confirmed the Rapide as the new flagship. The Aston Martin Rapide should be very similar to the concept car unveiled in 2006 at the North American International Auto Show. Another much anticipated and almost official flagship should come shortly as well. It’s unofficial code name: DBX. It will be success to the Aston Martin Vanquish that just went out of production last month.

Aston Martin CEO said that the Rapide is the priority number one for the moment. But they are ready to delay the production as long as it takes to release a perfect product. Expect the Rapide to be at your local dealer by 2010.

Now that Aston Martin is on its own, there is no room for error. Big brother Ford will not be there to pay for any mistake this time. The Aston Martin Rapide concept received a tremendous welcome during its introduction. There is nothing to worry about the design, so all the attention is on the engineers. Making sure that the Rapide will stay on the road and not at the dealer for repair.

For the first time, the new Aston Martin sedan will not be named Lagonda to put the past behind and try to establish new ground. Bez said "The automotive press knows Lagonda. But how many people beyond that do? The Rapide name got a good reception."

Aston Martin future cars: Rapide + DBX
- image 194894
2006 Aston Martin Rapide Concept

As for the Vanquish successor, Bez wouldn’t say anything about it but it will be supercar priced, as it will be one step above the Rapide.

Aston Martin future cars: Rapide + DBX
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aston martin DB one concept

Whith the support of ProDrive, and free from Ford, Aston Martin will hopefully rise again.

"Ford allowed us to jump over the fence," Bez said. "Now we don’t have a fence. Now we can explore our own limits." said Bez.

Source: AutoNews

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