For all intents and purposes, the Aston Martin Cygnet and the Toyota iQ are mirror images of one another and if you’re looking for any styling differences apart from the different badges on the car, chances are, you’re going to have a hard time finding any.

For the life of us, we don’t know why Aston Martin even contemplated on re-badging an iQ to become a Cygnet. It’s not a knock on Toyota by any means; it’s just that Aston could have just made something themselves. They are, after all, a car maker, yes?

In any case, Aston Martin is driving up its marketing for the Cygnet by launching a wallpaper generator on the company’s official website. In the website, users can put on their artistic hats and mix-and-match the Cygnet with a wide choice of colors – there are costumes, would you believe – and download their finished creation on their computers or cell phones.

Given that the Cygnet is only available to previous and present Aston Martin owners, most of us will have to settle for this configurator if we have any plans of buying one. Unless there’s an Aston in your garage, you’re out of luck with trying to get your hands on a Cygnet.


Source: Aston Martin

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  (504) posted on 03.17.2010

Well i can’t wait to try this, but i hope topspeed include it’s url so that many can visit this site.

  (868) posted on 03.17.2010

The economy is bad and Aston Martin is a niche manufacturer, so they went to the best economy car maker out there to help them meet the 2016 mpg requirements—Toyota. New president Akio Toyoda has a close relationship with some of the folks over at Aston, and they’re actually contemplating joint developments on future sports cars.

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