• Aston Martin One-77 for sale in Dubai

If yesterday we reported that there are only 10 units of the Aston Martin One-77 supercar that haven’t been allocated, now we bring you a good news, that of course if you are from Dubai. Alain Class Motors has one Aston Martin One-77 up for sale. However, they did not announced the price for the car, but we bet it will be much higher that the $1,4 millions asked by the company.

The car for sale is painted in pearlescent white combined with a red leather interior. Under the hood there is a 7.3 liter V12 engine that delivers a total of 750 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a six-speed robotized manual gearbox. Those astronomical performance numbers and the One-77’s 3,300 pound curb weight will rocket the car from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 3.5 seconds and to an impressive top speed of 220 mph.

Now, we think we have offered you all the details to buy this car, what else do you need? Oh yes... the money. Well, your move here!


Source: Alain Class Motors

Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (317) posted on 07.28.2011

Same here. I was hoping for a tuned up version. The speed performance of the car is quite impressive though they have put a speed limiter on the vehicle.

  (256) posted on 07.28.2011

As expected from the Aston Martin, the car have an impressive speed performance and awesome detailing! And its faster in terms of 0-60 mph. I wonder if they will make an aftermarket version for this car?

  (516) posted on 06.16.2011

Yeah, I have to agree on that one! And I think this car is already sold out, for million fans of this car 10 units is just an instant!

  (806) posted on 06.16.2011

Wow! With the impressive performance of this car, I would courageously say that this one of the best model of this car brand. Lucky are those guys that can own one of this fabulous car.

  (1211) posted on 05.3.2011

I have heard in the news that this car is already sold out! How lucky are those 100 wealthy men that got the chance to have one!

  (14) posted on 05.2.2011

3,300 pounds is absolutly amazing! it would be an absolute delecacy to drive that thing, but here in Calgary, if we had a car that low when it snows 3 feet it would get totaled! smiley

  (477) posted on 04.20.2011

I would say that this one of the best car made by the Aston Martin. The figure is great and I can see the sportiness mixed in this car.

  (830) posted on 04.19.2011

hmm. I find it kind of huge and it unbelievable to see the figure performance of this car. Well, good luck to whoever, who will bought this.

  (406) posted on 04.13.2011

Yeah, you’re probably right, it would still depend on the buyer. But I don’t see anyone losing interest on the One-77 any time soon, so they will still probably find a buyer.

  (503) posted on 04.12.2011

Look like it will take-off any moment now, this exotic car or any high class car looks really great on pearlscent white paint. It looks more elegant and a priced possession for all collectors.

  (210) posted on 04.12.2011

Well, it would still depend on the buyers. Even though there are a lot of rich folks in the country, if they are not interested in the car, then it would not sell.

  (1211) posted on 04.12.2011

The only way that I could actually see and touch this car is by looking at it on the picture! And for usre i will not have any chance to ride on this one!

  (358) posted on 04.11.2011

You mean only one unit? what the heck! it will cost more than $1.4 M. There are a lot of rich folks in Dubai so I guess one unit is not enough!

  (466) posted on 04.11.2011

@adam_valentine: Actually,it on it way to be sold out soon if the possible consumer already have the money to grab one. hehe

  (683) posted on 04.11.2011

I doubt that that one would be the main reason why they would want to sell off all the One-77’s that fast. It is probably still more of a money making scheme for Audi.

  (382) posted on 04.11.2011

Well, I think its not well- considering to buy this car. I find gas guzzler and less powerful plus it has a limited top speed of 220 mph!

  (1211) posted on 04.11.2011

Just a question, why are they so eager to get all the remaining On-77 units to be sold out immediately? Are they planning to release a new model?

  (763) posted on 04.8.2011

Ha, what did I told you, they will be able to get those cars into the market very soon. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets sold in the next few days.

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