Aston Martin Pays the Price for All New Platform

2011 Aston Martin DB9 Exterior
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Investors are getting more and more strict when it comes to allowing people to borrow their money and it seems as if Aston Martin is getting the short end of that stick. The British sports car maker has secured a £304 million bond - about $440 million at the current rates - from global investors at a rather high 9.25% interest over the next seven years. That’s a 3-4% increase over the typical interest rate. Desperate or not, Aston Martin now has the money to design an all new platform for their full line of sports cars, including the DB9, Vantage and Rapide. Expect the new line to debut in 2015 or 2016 with the first details of the new design and production engineering showing up in a concept car sometime in 2012.

Before the British automaker moves to the new platform, however, their current VH platform will have to be modified to obey the new Federal FMVSS pedestrian impact rules. This re-engineered platform will be used for facelift versions of all three models. The new models will also benefit from new skin panels, revised interiors, and tweaked chassis and engines.


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  (569) posted on 08.26.2011

I haven’t notice that they have change their platform. Its seems similar with the standard version. However, I still like the figure performance and styling of the car.

  (594) posted on 08.26.2011

Well, I was thinking if they are referring with the platform of the Aston Martin. The speed performance of the car is quite impressive as well as its newer platform.

  (613) posted on 08.2.2011

Well, it was what more important is today and their future production. At least now, we could see a different production on Aston Martin’s vehicle. I hope to see a high speed performing car!

  (501) posted on 08.2.2011

hmm. Does it mean that Aston Martin have a low budget for their production cost before? The One-77 is a successful model and it was sold out in an instant. Don’t tell me they didn’t earn any on that model?

  (445) posted on 07.19.2011

Its kind of impressive production. The speed performance of the car is quite good and new platform really makes it more sporty! I wonder if they have any plan for boost power output.

  (463) posted on 07.19.2011

hmm. Well, I don’t think that this new platform would make the car to increase its speed performance.. However, still I want to see their production to have a sporty look and design.

  (434) posted on 07.5.2011

I think we probably need to wait a bit more to really evaluate this one. As it is, it would likely take Aston Martin at least two years of development before they can release a prototype.

  (358) posted on 07.5.2011

Well, I think its just one of the precautionary measures that a car manufacturer should do if they want to compete with others.

  (448) posted on 07.4.2011

Well, if Aston Martin does have a bright plan for those funds, then it would definitely be worth the price that they would pay, and it really seems to be the case for their proposals.

  (858) posted on 07.4.2011

Isn’t it kind of risk taking for the Aston Martin? I think it would be better if they modified first at least on the line so that they will know if the market loved the changes in the platform of their car.

  (474) posted on 07.4.2011

Wow! Does it mean that we could expect an original platform from the Aston Martin? haha. It seems that its a good news! I wonder when will they release a new production vehicle?

  (488) posted on 07.4.2011

I wonder what kind of car would Aston Martin come up with this one. The amount of money that they had borrowed seems to be quite a lot, so it looks like it’s a big project.

  (714) posted on 07.1.2011

I wouldn’t really blame those investors, they probably just want to make sure that they would be getting their rightful share on the project. But knowing Aston Martin, they will likely be able to pull this off.

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