2010 is poised to become a big year for Aston Martin as it tries to regain some ground it lost after stumbling through the global financial crisis. The British automakers are scheduled to release three cars for the next calendar year with one of them being the highly-anticipated One-77.

Unveiled at the Monterey Car Week a few months ago, the One-77
supercar, which carries over 740 horsepower on a 7.3-liter V12 engine, will be sold for around $2 million where only 77 (hence, the name) will be produced. Production of the One-77 will begin at the tail-end of the year so you can expect sales to commence sometime in 2010.

In addition to the One-77, Aston Martin will also roll out its all-new flagship four-door sedan, the Rapide. While not as expensive as the One-77 – the Rapide sells for $230,000 – the new sedan is expected to hit American soil sometime in the spring of 2010.

Without question, the most surprising of three new Aston releases is the Toyota IQ-inspired Cygnet. It’s surprising not only because out of the three, it’s the only that doesn’t at least carry a six-digit price tag, but also because it kind of veers away from Aston Martin’s reputation for releasing exclusive sports cars.

Nevertheless, the Cygnet is going to be sold exclusively in Europe at a rather pedestrian price of only $32,000, a far cry from the selling price of the Rapide and the One-77.


Source: Leftlane News

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