Last week we brought you the innovative forward thinking design of the young English automotive design student James Trim with his hydrogen fuel cell powered Aston Martin inspired creation. This week we bring you an even further look into the future with these latest renderings of what the students at the Istituto Europeo Di Design in Turin, Italy feel the hand built super car builder’s will be producing in the year 2025.

Aston Martin's future design
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The Italian pupils were restricted to coming up with designs whose technologies will be feasible within the next 5 years. Whereas James came up with a three dimensional scale model, these are still renderings on paper. However that doesn’t mean that these are any less significant than the Volare, the finalists in the Italian automotive concept competition include quite a few traditional four wheeled designs, while there was one particularly interesting three wheeled machine.

Aston Martin's future design
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However our favorite photo is the British Racing Green coupe sticking its oversized Bangle butt in our faces wearing a set of enormous flat five spoke rims that live up to the sporty design, performance and elegance enstilled in an Aston Martin super car. We can definitely see this futuristic innovative design being the equivalent of today’s Aston Martin’s One-77 in the year 2025.


Source: Dvice

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  (314) posted on 09.2.2009

I agree with you, Scooby. Designing and engineering of automobile will be one of the most promising technological developments that we can look forward would you expect the KERS to be found in ordinary sedan someday? Sounds possible. But what we can hope for in the near future are more cars that will defy gravity and design concepts.

  (421) posted on 09.2.2009

Developing more modern concepts for 2025 is not easy as new technology are sure to come out and change the future of automobile technology. These students are proving to us that that automobile technology will one of the most exciting reality human kind should look forward in the future.

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