This is what Aston Martin meant when it laid out its aggressive expansion plans

If there was ever a place where Aston Martin could showcase its new-found obsession with power and performance, it has to be the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And so it was at the annual auto event on the Earl of March’s estate that Aston Martin brought its newest model, the DB11, to make its long-awaited debut in U.K. soil.

Ever the opportunist, Aston Martin also brought back the Vulcan hypercar one year after it made its own world debut in Goodwood. Together, the DB11 and the Vulcan didn’t disappoint the gathered crowd who came to watch the parade of exotics performing their lap around the estate. One after the other, the Vulcan and the DB11 did their laps with the Vulcan going first, followed by the DB11.

They may have tried to set fast laps of their own, but seeing both cars together in the same track was a ceremonial reminder to everyone that Aston Martin is well and truly back in the supercar game. Do the math and that’s 1,400 horsepower between the two cars, being shown for the first time together for all the world to see.

If there are still any questions about the legitimacy of Aston Martin’s pursuit to once again become a serious player in the supercar segment, the Vulcan and the DB11 shoved those questions aside with their emphatic displays of power and performance.

Aston Martin Vulcan

2016 Aston Martin Vulcan High Resolution Exterior
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Aston Martin DB11

2017 Aston Martin DB11 High Resolution Exterior
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