Planned supercar could also be penned by AM-RB 001 designer Adrian Newey

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has not been shy with his plans for the automaker he runs, especially now that it’s embarking on its “Second Century Plan,” a long-term brand strategy geared towards restoring the storied Aston Martin name back to relevancy. The backbone of that plan cal of seven new models to be introduced in the coming years and while we already know almost all of those models, there is one model that’s not as clear as the others. Well, Palmer took care of that in a recent conversation with Motor Trend when he said that the British automaker plans to build a mid-engine supercar that will have its eyes set on the Ferrari 488 GTB and the McLaren 675.

Palmer didn’t expound on the details of this planned supercar, but he did say that the model, the first mid-engine Aston production car, will have a far bigger purpose than simply matching wits with the 488 GTB and the 675. The model will be the “start of a bloodline,” a provocative suggestion that points to a new family of supercars being born in the future, all proudly carrying Aston Martin’s wing badges.

There’s even a possibility that the new supercar will be penned by no less than Red Bull’s design wizard Adrian Newey, the same man who is heading the design aspect of the AM-RB 001 hypercar that Aston Martin is building with Red Bull Racing. Turns out, the partnership between the British automaker and the Formula One team is going to extend past the AM-RB 001 collaboration as Newey himself expressed interest in doing a mainstream sports car that will have a far bigger clientele than the current hypercar he is designing for Aston Martin. Two other sedans are being planned, both of which will carry the Lagonda name and serve as the flagship models of the revamped luxury marque.

Note: AM-RB 001 shown here.
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Why it matters

Aston Martin’s planned seven-model lineup is looking more and more interesting by the day. If the British automaker pulls it off and completes the lineup as it intended, it could potentially have one of the most versatile offerings of any marque automaker in the business.

It’s going to have the equivalent of two “entry level” models in the Vanquish and Vantage, although to be fair, describing both as such is ridiculous, especially when there are reports that the new Vanquish, in particular, could receive the company’s new V-12 engine that can produce as much as 700 horsepower. It will also have the DB11 that, by virtue of its name, already acts as one of the de facto faces of the entire lineup. A hybrid crossover like the DBX offers a nice and well-needed change-of-pace from the three performance-driven models. Then there are the two Lagonda-badged sedans that will act as the flagship models of the brand. It’s a very balanced lineup that’s only missing a real performance car that can proudly carry the label of “supercar.”

The AM-RB 001 is immediately disqualified from that because it’s a limited-run model. So the onus falls on this Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675 fighter that Aston CEO Andy Palmer revealed to Motor Trend. Details are still scant on how Aston Martin plans to prepare such a car, but given the spaces already occupied by the Vanquish, Vantage, and DB11, this supercar could very well sit at the top of the company’s performance range, side-by-side with the Lagonda sedans.

Granted, Aston Martin’s plan will take until 2022 to complete so even if we seem to have a grasp on the models the company plans to unveil, a lot of things can happen that can dramatically alter these plans. But if it does come to pass without any changes, I like what I can expect out of Aston Martin. It’s a rounded lineup that touches on all corners of the performance and luxury markets of the premium auto segment.

Source: Motor Trend

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