Aston Martin to revive legendary Lagonda

Lagonda Marque coming back
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In an attempt to move away from its sports car only production, Aston Martin will revive its famous Lagonda brand. Lagonda, which was named after a river near Springfield, Ohio (it’s founder was American,) was established in 1906, but was acquired by Aston Martin in 1947. Since the 60s, the Lagonda name has only been used for Aston models instead of its own brand. Aston Martin is set to display a concept Lagonda at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, with plans to develop a range of cars by 2012.

Growing markets, such as Russia, do not have the appropriate weather to warrant the purchase of a sports car. “Aston Martins are currently available in 32 countries, but we remain limited in our market penetration by the pure character of our cars - sports cars. We have now investigated and concluded that the revival of the Lagonda brand would allow us to develop cars which can have a different character than a sports car, and therefore offer a perfect synergy.” Dr Bez, Aston Martin CEO, said that Lagonda could more than triple Aston Martin’s geographic markets, taking it into more than 100 countries.

The new car could be produced with a hybrid engine. It is thought that the new Lagonda could sell for about £100,000, though no official pricing has been set.


Source: London Times

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