Aston Martin has finally released the online configurator for its much-anticipated sports car, the Vanquish, which is a true sign that the wait is finally over. The first thing that absolutely will blow your mind is the “Paint Colour” section, as there are 32 different colors to choose from. The palate you have to choose from is so full of varying colors that it looks like the paint card displayed in the paint department at Home Depot.

In addition to the paint colors, you get seven different rim styles to choose from and even five brake caliper colors. That’s just about as custom as you can get in a mass-produced car.

On the bottom of the configurator, you get a little wheel that allows you to rotate the car to get a good look at all sides of it. Our only complaint about that feature is that it is not very smooth and sometimes it has a mind of its own. There are far better ones out there that move the car more accurately and smoothly.

Another complaint is that there is no option to configure the interior. We assume Aston Martin is releasing this system slowly as we get closer to the Vanquish’s release date in late-2012. We have to give Aston Martin some credit for releasing this configurator so early on. We are willing to bet that thousands of prospective owners will be playing with that tool until the day this new sports car hits showrooms.

You can check out the configurator for yourself here.


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