Some very interesting details are coming out of the Aston-Red Bull collaboration

The newly struck partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing will extend way past the two company’s plans to build the AM-RB 001. Speaking with Drive, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer hinted that certain technologies that Aston Martin and Red Bull are currently developing for the much-anticipated hypercar could find their way in the British automaker’s production models.

Palmer singled out the next-generation Vanquish, due out in 2018, as the likeliest model to receive the high-tech hardware that’s currently being developed for the AM-RB 001. The technologies being looked at include structural carbon fiber and KERS technology, two important ingredients of any modern Formula One car. It’s still unclear how Aston Martin will adopt these technologies on the Vanquish, but there’s strong belief among management, led by Palmer no less, that the Vanquish’s price tag will be sufficient enough to accommodate the introduction of these technologies into the fold without the company having to cut corners on other aspects of the next-generation sports car.

Speaking of the AM-RB 001, Palmer also shed some new details about the enigmatic hypercar. The most interesting of these juicy bits is the announcement that the hypercar will be limited to just 99 units, making it more exclusive than any of the three hypercars that are already in the market today. Aston Martin and Red Bull are banking on the AM-RB 001’s limited availability to generate huge interest for the car and, while that seems like an attainable plan given the absurdly high expectations for the AM-RB 001, it’s reported price tag of up to $5 million could just as easily move the car into the collector’s corner. Either way, a prototype of the model is being targeted to make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 2016.

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Note: 2014-2015 Aston Martin Vanquish shown above.

Why it matters

Aston Martin’s partnership with Red Bull is yielding far more impressive results than even I initially expected. First, there was that announcement about the AM-RB 001, which is reason in itself to be excited about this collaboration. Then comes the news that the partnership could extend into Aston Martin’s production models. This is pretty big if you ask me, especially if Aston can utilize these techs to give its models safety and performance features it otherwise wouldn’t have any access to. It’s a great move for the British automaker that I hope, as a fan of the brand, it can takes full advantage of.

Now about those new details about the AM-RB 001. The 99-unit announcement actually caught me by surprise because I initially thought that it was going to be more limited than that. Not only is it significantly less in volume than the most limited of the three hypercars - the 375-unit McLaren P1 - but it’s also more limited than the Aston Martin One-77, currently the title-holder as the most extreme production model Aston Martin has ever made. This tells me that when the AM-RB 001 is released, it’s going to take that mantle away from the One-77. That immediately raises the bar in my mind, something that I think Aston Martin and Red Bull are fully aware of.

At this point, Aston has even admitted that it plans to make the hypercar faster than the McLaren F1 around Silverstone so if anybody’s keeping score, the expectations for the AM-RB 001 are currently going through the roof.

Here’s to hoping that Aston Martin and Red Bull are capable of living up to the growing hype surrounding their hypercar. If their goals for the car are as good as their promises, then the AM-RB 001 could turn into the game-changer they’re making it out to be.

Source: Drive

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