The newly launched Aston Martin Vulcan is both extremely powerful and better looking than most supercars out there, but, more importantly, it’s the company’s most exotic project to date. Not only will it grant Aston Martin access to the hypercar market, but it will also place it in a select group of manufacturers that offers exclusive, track-prepped supercars with racing programs. Ferrari and McLaren are the only major automakers to include such initiatives, and that says a lot about what the Vulcan will do for Aston Martin. And since a special supercar demands special attention, the Brits are also readying a tailor-made facility to handle Vulcan production.

According to AutoCar, Aston Martin is setting up a skunkworks facility near Gaydon to build the 24 examples of the Vulcan racer. The small factory is located in Wellesbourne, nearly eight miles from Gaydon, and a small team of carefully selected engineers will start making the limited-edition Vulcan there this summer. The supercar will be assembled from parts provided by both Aston Martin and race-engineering suppliers, the report adds. The Vulcan is due to reach its customers at the end of 2015. Pricing for the British supercar starts from £1.8 million, which converts to nearly $2.7 million as of 03/17/2015.

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Why it matters

Although Aston Martin made no official mention of how and where it will build the Vulcan, I had a hunch the Brits were readying a bespoke facility for the supercar. It’s true that Aston Martin Racing has gathered plenty of experience from building race cars in Gaydon, and that racers such as the Vantage GTE are nothing to sneeze at, but the Vulcan is a different concept altogether, one that requires a special facility built to strict specifications. Aston Martin is doing the right thing here and having a separate factory will benefit the Vulcan.

Aston Martin Vulcan

Introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Vulcan is the British company’s entry into the supercar market. The track-exclusive vehicle is powered by the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in production, a 7.0-liter V-12 rated at more than 800 horsepower. It is built around a carbon-fiber tub and features unique styling, which, according to Aston Martin, previews the marque’s future products.

Production will be limited to only 24 units and each of them will be offered with a racing program that will include track training with several Aston Martin cars, the brand’s state-of-the-art racing simulator, and track time with AMR pro racer Darren Turner. The Brits will also organize track days for owners at race courses around the world and provide technical support.

Source: AutoCar

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