Aston Martin created quite a commotion last week, when it announced plans to introduce a brand-new model later in 2015. Teased in a short video that features the sound of a V-12 engine but reveals absolutely nothing about the car’s design, Aston Martin’s new creation is dubbed the Vulcan, and all clues hinted toward a track-restricted supercar. Although the Brits have yet to issue any comments on that matter, the folks over at Car Advice, quoting unnamed sources, claim the Vulcan is indeed a track-only project limited to 30 or even fewer examples.

The report also goes on to speculate that the Vulcan could get its very own experience program, meaning customers will benefit from professional racing courses with the company’s motorsport arm, as well as a series of race-day events on select tracks in Europe and even North America or Asia. Such a program would place the Vulcan in an exclusive group of track-prepped supercars that includes the Ferrari FXX K and the upcoming McLaren P1 GTR. As cool as it may sound, this is only speculation until further notice, so make sure you take all of the above with a grain of salt.

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Why it matters

Speculation or not, the thought of having yet another track-only supercar with its very own racing program is exciting to say the least. Sure, this could mean customers will have to pay millions of dollars to buy a race car they would only get to enjoy a few days a year. As you’re probably aware, both the Ferrari FXX K and the McLaren P1 GTR will be stored and maintained by the manufacturers, with the customers not being able to take them home or drive them on public roads. It is basically a "rent-a-supercar" program that’s awfully expensive for the average Joe, but quite fun to those who can afford it and, more importantly, perhaps already own several cars from the same automaker. ("I say, old chap, this is quite fun! Reminds me of all my other Astons a bit, but cheekier.")

What’s even more important here is that the Vulcan could very well open a new chapter in Aston Martin’s long history. Although it might not have the same brand cachet as Ferrari, Aston Martin has a rich motorsport heritage behind it, and its AM Racing program has been developing successful endurance and sprint race cars for more than a decade. Additionally, such a program could also bring a lot of moolah into the company’s nearly empty coffers and enable the road car division to keep them cool grand tourers coming.

Aston Martin Vulcan

Source: CarAdvice

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