As soon as we laid eyes on the Aston Martin DB10 that was built for the newest James Bond movie Spectre, we immediately started asking if it was going to be a production model. Unfortunately, we learned that the DB10 will never make it into production, and there were only 10 examples made to be used in the movie. It may be true that it will never go into production, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own one – well if you have enough money anyway.

As it turns out, Aston Martin actually plans to auction off one of its Bespoke DB10’s sometime next year. Of course, since the car was designed solely for use in the movie, it lacks all of the necessary certifications for road use, so don’t expect to see it on the road. There is no word on what the opening bid will be set at for the DB10, but considering it is the first bespoke model ever created for a Bond movie, you can bet it will go for a pretty penny or two. That’s especially true when considering the number of wealthy Brits that fantasize being James Bond.

On another note, the Jaguar C-X75 driven by the Villain in Spectre is also a concept that never went into production, but so far, Jaguar doesn’t have any plans to auction off any of the seven that were created for the film. It will likely be a while before any more news regarding the auctioning of the new Bondmobile takes place, but we will keep you updated as more details arise.

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Why it matters

I think it is pretty cool that one of the DB10s will be sold at auction. Given Bond’s previous history with his cars, it’s nice to know that at least one DB10 will make it through the movie without being completely destroyed. Of course, if you don’t have the kind of cheddar that you’ll inevitably need to win the DB10 at auction, you can always try to get your hands on one of the 150 Bond-branded DB9 models that Aston Martin recently released. One of those are priced at around $250,000 and are roadworthy.

Aston Martin DB10

2015 Aston Martin DB10
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