Ever wonder what the car of the future is going to look like without the convenience of seeing concept cars from actual automakers? For John Baltazar, Hussain and Ali Almossawi, and Tim Tsai, the future may very well lie with the Astrum Meera Concept, a car that’s revolutionary on both design and performance.

In terms of style, these designers created the Meera Concept with swooping lines and aggressive styling, which is typical of the way futuristic vehicles are envisioned. More than just a flare for the panache, they designed it while taking into consideration safety, sustainability, and practical purpose.

In terms of performance, the four designers put in an exhaust that comes with built-in sensors that tracks the level of CO2 emissions and promptly alerts the driver in the event that the emission level rises higher than its normal range. Apart from the state-of-the art exhaust, the Meera also comes with wheel rims that use magnetic levitation, making the whole body lighter and the corresponding performance lighter. The side mirrors also work in such a way that they automatically tuck themselves in when the car is stopped and reappear when the car is started.

All told, Baltazar, Almossawi, and Tsai’s work is finely crafted, but still touches on the ambitious side. We don’t know if there will come a point in the future where a car like this can be mass produced, but with the speed of technology these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Meera Concept – or a car similar to this - is out and about on the streets of the world in no time.


Source: Abduzeedo

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  (619) posted on 02.21.2011

Maybe the designer thought he’d use a combustion engine to power a generator and that’s why he wanted a CO2-sensor, I don’t know, I’m only speculating.

  (273) posted on 02.21.2011

This car would need to be an electric car, and wouldn’t have any CO2 emissions at all. But even if it had a combustion engine, why would a sensor that reads CO2 be needed? Computers in cars already know how much fuel that’s being burned. A CO2-meter would be redundant.

  (158) posted on 12.2.2010

LED lights help you see where you are going, while 12 more lights on each side add some style and presence to the car.

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