Subaru enthusiasts would agree with me on this one: at some Subaru must bring the Subaru Legacy STI to the United States. Subaru’s Vice President Tomohiro Ishitobi assures us that they plan to "widen there Sti’s offerings in the United States." Which will come first though : the Forest STI or the Legacy STI?
Judging by the recent sales of the Subaru Legacy STI vehicle in Japan, which sold faster than a Nintendo Wii with 600 copies all accounted for within the first month of January, Subaru’s best interest would be to bring the Legacy STI vehicle here first.
Ultimately, at some point ,United States drivers will have a chance to drive the Legacy STI which proves to be an amazing performance vehicle. The engine from the Impreza STI sits in this beast giving it performance from
not-to-60 in 6.2 seconds great performance for a vehicle with an estimated base price of $34,900. Rest assured that the Legacy STI will have Audi and other luxury performance shoppers checking it out.

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