Speak of the devil... Yesterday we took a look at Porsche’s plans to sweeten a future Audi known as the A5 Sportback (an A5 with four-doors and a bigger trunk), and today AutoExpress seems to confirm the car’s existence with this spy shot. If all goes well, this A4-hatchback-in-denial will hit the streets the second half of 2009.

Based on the A5 coupe, the Sportback version will feature the same front-end, but there will be a high waistline and low, sloping roof. The engine line-up should remain unchanged: FSI and TDI engines with rated power ranging from 170 to 265 bhp.

While it is a little easier to understand why a four-door hatchback would want to exploit the slightly sportier name of the A5, statements noting that the A5 Sportback will keep the A5 coupe’s distinctive front-end styling is a little bit of a stretch. It’s kinda tough to tell the difference between the A4 and the A5 in the picture below.

Audi A5 Sportback spy shot
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Source: AutoExpress

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