Studio Progress Films in association with FX are bringing us the latest in television drama with an entertainment concept called Untitled Jersey City Project. The project is a unique experiment consisting of eight episodes, leading to a larger story of money, fame, power, and death.

This isn’t part of the drinking, smooshing, and idiocy craze of Jersey Shore. This story takes place on the Jersey City waterfront where developers are cashing in on the city’s need to expand - and expand quickly - to match the buzzing sounds of Manhattan just across the river.

Audi’s role in this budding drama is clear. Whether it’s the hardworking architects trying to build their business, the bare-knuckle negotiator/developer exerting his power, or the up and coming journalist trying to catch her big break, Audi models are the choice for transportation because of their style, comfort, luxury, and sportiness.

The star of this trailer is the 2012 Audi A6. With its new aluminum hybrid body and harmonious proportions, the A6 is a new beast in the world of sedans, bringing together luxury and sport in a beautiful Audi package.

“Audi is excited to partner with FX Networks on this exciting new short-form original series,” said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer of Audi of America. “Since our inception, Audi has embraced creativity, innovation and new ways of thinking. What better way to engage with our progressive audience than through forward-thinking entertainment. .”

High end drama or pure automotive eye candy; it’s a win/win situation.

UPDATE 09/23/2011: The first two episodes of “Untitled Jersey City Project” will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011, and will roll out over four consecutive weeks as eight, two-minute episodes airing during FX’s Sunday primetime movies. But you can get skip the waiting and check out the two new episodes after the jump!

Hit the jump for an overview on the Untitled Jersey City Project, as well as the first two episodes of the series.

Episode One

Episode Two

Frank George and his partner Ray Rahne have worked hard to get their small, progressive architecture office in New York City to the next level. Then they land the commission of a lifetime: to design a new stadium complex across the Hudson in rough and tumble Jersey City. They might be just across the river from Wall Street, but Frank and Ray are a long way from home.

Their client is notorious developer Larry Tyerman. Tyerman is a bare-knuckle negotiator lurking inside a bespoke suit, with connections to everyone - and anyone - with the power to push his projects through. Union bosses, politicians, even the local cops - everybody owes him a favor. And nobody wants to be the guy standing in his way, not with this much money on the line. Rumor has it that the stadium project is truly make or break for Tyerman. Desperation hasn’t made him a more patient man.

Tyerman’s major investors in the stadium project, a couple of rich young fashion victims from Taiwan, have a conflict of interest that could bring the entire project down — literally. Jersey City’s progressive, hybrid-driving young city councilman, Philip Haney, is possibly on Tyerman’s payroll. And his driver, a hulking figure named Tony Hello, harbors a secret of his own — a secret that might be Frank’s only salvation.

Then there’s Jane Kaplan, a staff writer at The Ledger whose femme fatale looks are second only to her naked ambition. Does she know more than she’s willing to tell Frank? And whose side is she on, anyway?

Things come to a head when Frank gets a cryptic message from Ray, moments before Ray’s fatal plunge from the 39th floor of the construction site. Did he jump? Or was he pushed?
It will be up to Frank to piece the mystery together — and try to stay alive.

Source: Untitled Jersey City Project

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