Audi prepares an answer for Mercedes-Benz’s new four door coupe species exponent, the CLS

In the jungle-like car market of the new millennium only those who adapt and evolve can become top of the tree. Model survival needs brought to life new species, more versatile, more adaptive and more appealing. Such a new species is the sleek four door coupe, which emerged in order to satisfy customer image needs without sacrificing comfort. The first exponent of this evolution was the Mercedes CLS, brought to us by the Stuttgart “instant public image booster”. All alone on the virgin territory the new Mercedes had no trouble replicating itself into a best-seller. The domination days seem to be down counted by the competition, as Jaguar and Volkswagen intend to enter this market segment. Audi is already one step forward, their point of view on the matter was recently caught on tests on the Nürburgring race-track.

Following the successful recipe used on the CLS, A7 will be placed, as the name indicates, between the large and the luxury sedans, both in size and pricing. Spy images show a test mule disguised in an Audi A4 body, but the extended wheels and wheel arches can clearly give an impression on the new vehicle sizing. The A7 is most likely to share the same platform with the A6, meaning that they will use the same engine range. Expected are the 3.2 L V6, 4.2 L V8 and larger gasoline engines, but 3.0 L and 4.2 L TDI are very likely. An eventual high-end model is considered to use the 5L V10 from Lamborghini Gallardo.

The TT touch

Design is presumed to be somewhere between the A6 and the new TT, mixing one’s size and elegance with the other’s nerve and aggression. Artist digital assumptions follow this idea including also elements considered fashionable nowadays, like the LED lamps.

A7 should make it’s debut on this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show as a concept and it is being expected as a final product for as soon as 2009.

Audi A7 first spy photos
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