Those images are designed by Gabriel Rabhi, a French CGI artist, video game and graphical programmer, multimedia programmer and composer.

Rabhi originally began his A7 modeling in order to learn complex surface modeling with high curvature control. From start to finish, he completed this entire project in approximately twelve days. Technically, it permits Gabriel to evaluate the process of modeling curved surfaces commonly used in automotive industry, described as polynomial NURBS curves with high degree - from 5 to 9. In CGI, this is the only way to achieve perfect continuity between surfaces.

Audi A7 Independent Design
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To define the volumes of this model, Gabriel began with the automotive definition constraints: headlamp position, engine compartment space, seat position, rear passenger space, roof, boot volume, realistic wheel size. The designer began with an RS4 modified to best estimate the visible evolution of previously-seen B8 platform mules: reduced overhang, larger wheelbase, wider track, engine set further back into the chassis.

Source: Fourtitude

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