Maybe not many tuners choose to modify vehicles like the Audi A8...well not everyone but Andre Rothganger a specialist in car tuning transformed the flagship of the German manufacturer in to a glamorous car. At the exterior the car features 24” rims with crystals on them.

The most noticeable modifications were made to the interior: the tuner used unique tapestry while the abundance of multimedia elements lets you speechless. The car features lots of lcd’s and great audio-video console capable of almost everything the customer desires.

Regarding the engine you would say that this baby has to develop at least 500 hp...For sure this will be a dissapointment for you: the engine is capable of developing 330 hp while the top speed is of 275 km/h. Acccording to Andre Rothganger the car is made to be driven in style and not at high speeds. Due to this fact the car received most of the customization at the interior.

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  (19) posted on 08.6.2008

Will they also supply the barf bags?

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.18.2008

The Audi in my opinion is the best luxury sedan out there. Why would you do something to a beautiful car like this? Why don’t you idiots install hydraulics and call this a pimp mobile because the only person the interior will suit is a pimp.

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