The luxury automaker Audi will unveil the new A8 this autumn and put the limousine on sale sometime in early 2010. So until the car makes an official debut, we will just have to settle for teaser images, renderings and speculations. This latest attempt at a mean joke was revealed at the German automoble manufacturer’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Audi A8 - new teaser images revealed
- image 311848

The only one that shows some sheet metal is a sketch of the car revealing the front headlamp and the LED daytime running lights. The rendering also gives a hint as to what the vehicle’s hood, grille and fenders will look like.

Audi A8 - new teaser images revealed
- image 311849

Although under that engine covering we are expecting to see a range of gasoline and diesel engines including the V12 used in the Q7 V12 TDI and the V10 that is going into the upcoming R8. The V10 engine will deliver up to 520 HP and the V12 TDI will have a maximum output in the same range except with 738 lb-ft of torque. Either way it should be enough to move the new A8’s weight saving aluminum space frame.


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  (289) posted on 07.24.2009

Well, resting beneath a black sheet that gives away little, the specifics of the A8’s design are well hidden. A hint of the shape of the headlights is revealed courtesy of the LED daytime running lights glowing through the black sheet. The outline of the grille is vaguely apparent as well.

  (318) posted on 07.24.2009

Same here… I mean manufacturers could just wait till its ready to hit the market, then shock us… then people like me will bother to see them instead of get bored over months of ‘teaaasers’ Although the rendering looks good. I might check on it still when it comes out.

  (314) posted on 07.24.2009

I hope stop this thing. Don’t know about anyone else, but i’m starting to get rather annoyed and bored with ‘teaser’ images. It seems to be flavour of the month with car manufacturers at the moment.

I’m not teased, I’m just very unimpressed.

  (421) posted on 07.24.2009

I guess, we are definetely getting more this autumn. What makes this unveiling more exciting is the fact that this part and perhaps the bigest event in the Audi 100th anniversary celebration. So I could guess that this up coming unvailing will surely feed our most anxious expectations.

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