Audi and Porsche possibly getting a version of Volkswagen’s BlueSport concept, no really?! After all it isn’t like we’ve been reporting on this for the last six months that VW and Audi were working together on a roadster or that Porsche may slap a badge on the project as well.

So if this is not news, why are we reporting it? Two reasons: the news is more official and is sounding a little more desperate. Both points were made from one quote the Automotive News obtained from a Volkswagen representative. “To make a strong business case for the new roadster, we need to share the investment with at least three brands.”

It seems that as much as VW wants its little roadster, economic conditions have the final decision. Last week we reported the production version of the BlueSport would appear by 2012, but it also doesn’t share all of its parts already with other VW family cars. Audi and Porsche are the only real ways to go. The roadster could never be exotic enough for Lamborghini or Bugatti and the €30,000 expected price (currently about $40,000) is too expensive for the Skoda and Seat lineups.

If a final decision is made we could expect it as soon as the Geneva Motor Show in March.


Source: Automotive News

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