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It’s the little-known goal of all corporations big enough to pursue it — put competitors out of business as often as possible. It’s not intentional, it’s just a natural outgrowth of expanding into occupied markets. Right now, from Audi’s perspective at least, the biggest problem with aftermarket accessories is that they’re just that: after. After you leave Audi and wind up at Pep Boys, or your local speed shop, or an online marketplace.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite as cynical as that. Audi is a good brand, and its customers are some of the most loyal on Earth. Stands to reason that the average Audi customer would be happy to find the four rings on every gadget and doodad the well-equipped motorist might need or want. Get ready to lose your market share, Pep Boys — the Germans have landed.

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Active Package

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee High Resolution Exterior
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The heart of this story is a press release from Audi, detailing its new Active Package for the 2015 A1 and A1 Sportback, which debuted at Worthersee 2015. The package, per Audi, is designed to give the A1 a "sporty urban character." You have to give Audi one thing: It does bring some character to the proceedings.

Maybe that is what the kids are calling "sporty" these days; from this perspective, it just says "I spent all my money on the body kit."

The most notable features are platinum gray painted bumper extensions, wheel arches, side skirts, mirror caps, tailgate insert and window surrounds. Minus the window surrounds, it’s hard to say what’s exactly "urban sporty" about that, apart from the fact that it kind of brings to mind the primer-grey, unpainted body kits you tend to see on "sporty" cars in urban areas. Maybe that is what the kids are calling "sporty" these days; from this perspective, it just says "I spent all my money on the body kit." Not sure that’s the look Audi’s going for.

Or is it? The package also includes a carbon-fiber real spoiler and LED lights in the side skirts that project the "Quattro" logo on the ground when you open the door. I’m not sure about you, but that sounds close enough to neon underbody lighting to count. The fact that Mercedes G-Class comes with something similar these days doesn’t exactly make a case against that.

Speaking of SUVs, Audi also offers an Active Package with the Q3. It gets a package designed to look more "sporty and robust," which includes bumpers, wheel arches and door trim strips in off-roady metallic stone gray. It also gets a set of stainless steel running boards to match its stainless pedals; and with a load rating of 441 pounds, the running boards might be called at least "plausibly functional." In fact, they’re almost required for loading things in the lockable ski racks and luggage box on the roof.

Call me crazy, but it seems like we’re starting to get a picture of the intended customer base here.

2015 Audi A1

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Audi Q3

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Audi A3 Sedan

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee High Resolution Exterior
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Other Accessories

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee Exterior
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Audi offers a lot more than just the Active Packages, though. A quick perusal through its Genuine Accessory guide shows an obsessive compulsion to thinking of everything that only the Germans could pull off. Either that, or it’s a complete orgy of branded accessories designed to keep Pep Boys lines short and manageable.

Audi offers a full line of Audi-branded cleaners for every surface on or in the car, as well as detailing and winter preparedness tools aplenty. For summer, its got premium car mitts, drying towels and wheel brush; for winter, Audi-branded ice scraper, snow shovels and windshield brushes. And don’t forget the first-aid kit, emergency flashlight, mini flashlight, a cooling tote bag to put all that in, and another cargo box in which to keep your cooling tote bag.

Audi offers several varieties of branded valv- stem caps, floor mats, premium textile floor mats ($174 each) to keep mud off your carpet, splash guards to keep water off your tires, and a sun shade to keep sun off your dashboard. They’ve got cupholder ash trays, battery chargers, RCA cables, every kind of electronics adapter you can think of. Of course, Audi’s got spoilers, Quattro stickers, exhaust tips, and no fewer than 30 different styles of license-plate frame.

And lest we forget, the Audi-branded Premium Ski Bag, yours for only $348 American.

Everything comes branded with Audi’s interlocking circlet logo, all but ensuring a visit from Iron Man. Not just because he’s an Audi fan — but mostly because, given your obvious obsession with collecting rings, he’ll just assume you’re the Mandarin.

Beat that, Pep Boys!

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Press Release

Audi Genuine Accessories allows customers to personalize their car – matching it to their own needs and personal taste. The portfolio ranges from practical solutions like roof boxes or bicycle racks to unusual details like a light projection when opening the car door.

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee Exterior
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The premium car brand offers the new active kit for the Audi A1 and Audi A1 Sportback, for instance. Its sporty urban character is highlighted by the front spoiler, rear apron, wheel arch trims and side sills in platinum gray, with aluminum-look applications rounding off the exterior design. The range of wheels, too, is matched to the active kit; the five-arm Cavo design wheels are available in 17 and 18-inch diameter.

With the active kit decals, the contrasting roof line and the lower rear section in platinum gray stand out from the basic car color. The exterior mirror housings in the same color complete the distinctive appearance. The active kit for the Audi A1 and Audi A1 Sportback is either fitted at the time the car is delivered or can be retrofitted by the Audi dealer.

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee Interior
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The style package for the A3 family includes attention-grabbing features. These start with side sills, rear diffuser and rear apron – all available in brilliant black, or by request, in the color of the car. Added to this are a roof edge spoiler and exterior mirrors made from carbon. Another product from Audi Genuine Accessories shows distinctive style even as you enter the car. With this eye-catching feature, the quattro logo is projected on the ground by LEDs when the door is opened.

This product enhancement for the Audi Q3 has been available in dealerships since February. The three TFSI and three TDI clean diesel four-cylinder engines boast higher output combined with reduced fuel consumption: CO2 emissions have been reduced by 17 percent. The engines have 1.4 or 2.0 liters of displacement and power output of between 88 kW (120 hp) and 162 kW (220 hp).

Audi Genuine Accessories offers the offroad style package to further emphasize the athletic nature of the compact SUV. Selective accents give the Q3 an even more robust and sporty look. These include exterior features like bumpers, wheel arch and door trim strips in metallic stone gray. In addition, the quattro logo is displayed on both sides of the rear of the vehicle. Pedal caps and side running boards are made from stainless steel. The running boards have a maximum load of 200 kilograms (440.9 lb) and make it easier to load items in the ski and luggage box on the roof. These are lockable and can be opened from both sides, which also offers added convenience. In glistening brilliant black, with side blades and chrome Audi rings, it is a striking visual highlight.

Audi Brings New Genuine Accessories To Worthersee High Resolution Exterior
- image 630092

Audi Entertainment mobile is yet another new product offering. The 10-inch touch screen can be fitted in the Audi Q3 with preparation for Rear Seat Entertainment on the backrests of the front seats or used outside the vehicle. It offers a convenient display for videos, photos, games and music – with intuitive software controls and includes a wide range of connection options (SD, USB 2.0, HDMI-IN, etc.). Audi Entertainment mobile will be available from Audi Genuine Accessories starting in summer.

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