• Audi celebrates their 100th Anniversary in style

    The Type C-themed door sill

When you reach one hundred years in any business, it’s most definitely a cause for celebration. In the automotive industry, there are but a few manufacturers that have lived to see 100 years, with Bugatti, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, and General Motors among those that that have been fortunate enough to make it this long.

Joining these manufacturers in this illustrious list is Audi, and as expected, it’s making its 100th year anniversary something worth remembering.

Audi is leaving no stones unturned in celebrating this remarkable feat of long lasting consistency. It has already commissioned a commemorative watch called the Tachoscope, and is now in the process of incorporating a special equipment package for all of its European released vehicles.

The list of Audi cars that come with this unique package include the A3, the A3 Cabriolet, the A4, the A6, the TT, the A5 Coupe, the Q5, and the Q7.

The question now begs, what exactly is this package?

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Taking from its reputation as one of the most freethinking manufacturers in the world, Audi is including a three-spoke leather steering wheel, unique alloy wheels, xenon headlights, and LED daytime running lights with high-beam assist.

Naturally, these cars are only being made available as part of Audi’s 100-year celebration. And the special features don’t end there, either.

Audi is also including a number of exclusive options as part of its 100-year package. Customers can put a number of wide-ranging features on their Audis including a special Daytona pearl exterior color, sport seats, tinted moonroof, and a unique door sill design featuring a backlight silhouette of Audi’s world-famous 16-cylinder Type C racing car.

On any normal circumstance, consumers who’d want these add-ons on their Audis would have to pay a lump sum just to have these features set up. But since this is part of Audi’s centennial anniversary, prices of these included options could be cut back by as much as 40% with the price tag for anybody who might want to have these features put up on their Audis paying around $2,300 to $9,400.

For its part – or maybe it just doesn’t want to spoil the surprise – Audi has been tight lipped about what these added features would look like I an Audi. The only form of evidence that has been released is the Type C-themed door sill that, for all intents and purposes, looks as sleek and sexy as advertised.

Source: Audi turns 100

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  (231) posted on 06.11.2009

What is teh best way to celebrate your anniversarry and be remembered timelessly? Commision a watchmaker and get one for yourself!

  (289) posted on 06.11.2009

A stylish chronoswiss timepiece makes sense- a great collectible item in the future, must sell twice or thrice in ebay!

  (314) posted on 06.11.2009

How to seal your 100th anniversary in people’s memory? Keep it with expensive and stylish watch that tells you it’s time to drive your R8 or your A8.

  (421) posted on 06.11.2009

Why the automakers industry is suffering from low sales turn, it seems that no one can stop Audi to announce, that it is ready to prove what it takes to make full 100 years in the industry and it comes pricy starting with €14,900 ($19,800 USD) up to the platinum edition €24,900 ($33,000 USD)timepice from Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss. Now you can drive your four wheels with four hands

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