Audi celebrates their centennial with a 10 ton TT

Audi has spared no expense in commemorating its 100th year anniversary. One monument after another, the German-based company has not wasted any time letting the whole world know of their remarkable achievement.

The latest Audi sculpture to make headlines measures 33.5 tons and weighs close to 10 tons. Exactly what kind of behemoth monument is it?

It’s actually a sculpture of the Audi TT Coupe.

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Now, if you’re familiar with this one, the truth is, the sculpture has been around for a couple of years – 2006, to be exact. After making its debut in Berlin, the sculpture has made the rounds all over the world, including stops at Beijing, Munich, and Hong Kong.

Now that Audi is in the middle of their centennial anniversary, the company saw fit to finally bring the sculpture back home – permanently.

The 10-ton sculpture – which we can imagine was made from some really heavy stuff – can now be found in Ingolstadt, Germany – the home of the celebrants. Located right in the front of their headquarters, the TT Coupe monument is indeed a sight to behold, not just because it’s enormous, but it actually captures all the details and intricacies of a real life – and much smaller – TT Coupe.

So the next time you happen to find yourself loitering around the Audi headquarters and you notice a mammoth car sitting idly on the front, you just might want to take your cameras out that is if you brought any.

Source: News Global

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