There are rumors that Audi plans to build a "baby" TT that will challenge the Lotus Elise. The new roadster is supposed to be shown before the end of the year. The "baby" is being built with the help of KTM, an Austrian motorcycle maker.

KTM first entended to work with Volkswagen at a roadster, but but since VW was already developing the GX3, the KTM proposal was shifted to Audi.

The newcomer will adopt the VW Group’s latest TSI turbo and supercharged technology. Economy will be a priority - a main reason for introducing lightweight, low-volume cars into any maker’s range is to bring down the average fuel consumption and emissions for its entire line-up.

KTM will use a carbon fibre chassis from other motorsports partners. The car is expected to have similarities to the VW EcoRacer Concept. It will weigh around 1,600 lbs and get about 50 mpg. It will sprin from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

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