New patent filings point to the possibility that the German automaker has plans for introduce a new version of its current logo

Audi could be on the verge of revamping its logo after patent filings in the U.S. and Germany show two new versions of the German automaker’s iconic four rings logo. One logo resembles an outline of the current logo with the interconnected lines scrubbed out, making it look like an image of a cloud. The other logo features the same outline with only two interconnected lines. It remains unclear what Audi’s plans for these logos are, but the patent filings designate them for “vehicles and their structural parts; radiator grilles.”

Audi Could Be Adding a New Take on Its Logo
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This would be a huge move for Audi if it decides to alter a logo that has become one of the most famous logos in the auto industry. While it has undergone a few modifications, the current version of the logo, which represents the four manufacturers of Auto Union, including Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer, has been around since 1985.

The last time Audi updated the logo was in 2009 when it refined the “Audi” font and enhanced the visual of the four rings.

If Audi ends up using the two new logos, they would represent the biggest change in brand identity the German automaker has made in the last 33 years. Granted, Audi hasn’t indicated its plans for the new logos, but the trademark filings in the U.S. and Germany mean something for the brand’s future. What that "something" is remains a matter of speculation at this point.

Audi Could Be Adding a New Take on Its Logo
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That said, speculates that the new logos may not end up outright replacing Audi’s current logo. Instead, the could be used on some of Audi’s future business platforms, namely connected car-to-car technologies or even the company’s electrification efforts. It’s no secret that Ingolstadt has been all-hands-on-deck in pushing for electrification within its ranks. Creating a different logo for an electric brand, if Audi decides to push its e-tron lineup that way, isn’t a revolutionary thing in the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz, for example, has the EQ brand with its own unique logo.

At the very least, a new logo could help Audi distinguish its e-tron brand, especially if the latter is going to be offered with the kind of cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the electric car industry.

Whatever Audi’s plans are, it’s clear that these logos are important enough that the company had them patented in not one, but two locations. It just so happens, too, that the two locations — the U.S. and Germany — are two of Audi’s biggest markets alongside China. One of the two logos, maybe even both, could be used sooner than we think. How and where Audi plans to use it is the big question at this point.

On that end, our money’s on one of these two logos becoming the de-facto logo of Audi e-tron.

Source: Quattro World

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