When Audi introduced the A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro the automaker from Ingolstadt wasn’t just showing the world how desirable a TDI powered three door hatchback could be, but they were also testing the waters with the radical deign of the upcoming Audi RS3, a car that we could be seeing as soon as September with a possible debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show after being delayed for over a year.

2010 Audi TT RS
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The RS3 is a factory tuned hot hatch based on the Audi A3 premium compact. The highly anticipated RS version of Audi’s popular hatchback takes performance and styling to the next level by fitting the limited edition model with distinct bodywork as well as an upgraded power plant. In true hot rod fashion, the RS3 will be powered by the engine from a real sports car, the Audi TT-RS, combining Audi’s proven Quattro all wheel drive system with a turbocharged five cylinder engine to produce a factory backed 340 HP. However from what we have seen from spy shots and renderings, it looks like Audi is leaving the bold fender flares at home.

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What is interesting is that while the TT RS also makes a claimed peak of 340 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque, the first dyno runs done with private vehicles are showing that the TT is making closer to 370 HP, another trick from the muscle car days. This means that the RS3 shouldn’t be too far away from producing something close to 400 HP, and with a little help from the aftermarket it is almost a guarantee. So not only will the RS3 be able to run rings around the hottest hatch in the land, the Ford Focus RS, but it might even give the 4.2 Liter R8 a run for its money.

If you do make it to the show, you can expect to see a few new concepts, like a new A1 compact city car and if we’re lucky an electric R8, even if it is a hybrid. One vehicle that we are almost certain will appear in the Audi tent is the 5.2 Liter V10 powered R8 Cup car that was spied a short while ago wearing a large rear wing and a bespoke set of rims. We just hope that the RS3 is there as well.

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 08.27.2009

Hope this means the 5 banger is coming back stateside!?

MacGshinsetsu  (11) posted on 08.26.2009

I will definately find out if it will be there. and if it is i will get as much info on i as i can.

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