Audi’s range of S cars has a long and storied history at providing strong performance for those looking to go fast. The problem with this cars is that they eat lots of fuel. And the answer is, well don’t be that surprise, hybrid cars.

The current mix of S models remain strong GT offerings in each respective class. Drop a large displacement engine in a smaller car, add sport kit like wheels, suspension and seats and the result is what we all lust for at the Audi dealer or on the show stand.

And what if we will have the same in the diesel cars. Imagine the S4 as it is now, add a 4.2 TDI engine under the hood and name it DS4. There, you have a new model. The car would look and handle like the current S4, and will have the performance of the A8 4.2 TDI that performance wouldn’t be far off of the petrol S version. Even better, the larger and heavier A8 4.2 TDI gets 30 mpg, well above the S4’s North American rating of 21 mpg.

Source: Fourtitude

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