Post dieselgate VW doesn’t play that crap

With Volkswagen pulling out of what could have been a company-wide apocalypse after the whole Dieselgate scandal, the company has learned to keep a good eye on certain things. For reasons that I don’t need to state here, VW was doing some internal financial auditing when it ran across a gem of a bill for a beer-fueled showdown between about 30 different Audi executives. As reported by Bild Am Sonntag out of Germany, Rupert Stadler – Audi’s CEO – organized what had to be one hell of a party that ran up charges in excess of €12,500 or about $14,000 at current exchange rates.

Apparently, the party went down at a hotel called the Rothehof in Wolfsburg and involved what Bild is calling a “beer contest” that pitted managers from Rheinland against those from Bavaria. We’re assuming the contest was to see who could drink the most beer. To go along with this wild party, executives also ordered in a Bavarian brass band and a separate band from Cologne – that’s right these guys seriously had two bands at the same party. Making matters even worse, the party also reportedly included the appearances of two well-known comedians who, of course, kept the laughs coming.

To be clear, the $14,000 bill I mentioned earlier is what Stadler reportedly has to pony up. Chances are other execs also had to pony up, however, extensive researching has yet to yield any other significant numbers. Surely, a $14,000 bill is practically nothing for a company like VW if you forget about the Dieselgate scandal, but with Volkswagen hemorrhaging money to the tune of millions of dollars, Audi execs should have known better than to even try passing this bill off to the parental company.

Photo credit: Audi AG

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Why it Matters

Volkswagen is in a tight spot with the Dieselgate situation getting closer to resolution, but I still find it funny that the company refused to pay this $14,000 bill. I don’t blame VW one bit – hell I wouldn’t want to pay for someone else’s rager either, but I’m sure there are plenty of execs under the VW umbrella that routinely bill that much or more for anything and everything. Either way, Stadler is being told to pay for his massive party. I doubt it will hurt him much. There don’t seem to be any public records of how much he makes per year, but he’s been with Audi since 2007, and I’m willing to bet $14,000 is mere pocket change. Now if only I can get Audi to invite me to their next big team meeting so I can see what $14,000 worth of beer, comedians, and bands look like.

Source: Bild am Sontag

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