Audi has an interest in its own history, and has a division which is charged with looking after the marque’s history: Audi Tradition. Audi Tradition now has a new, well new them, Type M.
It was manufactured in 1925 and it is a Anudi 18/70 hp Type M. By itself, that would be a venerated car.
But this one’s different.
This one’s a cutaway.

Audi gets special M: a cutaway '25
- image 205022

Audi Tradition specifically commissioned the restoration of the car by German restoration specialist Fahrzeugrestaurierung Rosenow as a cutaway to show the way that cars of that era were constructed. Thomas Frank, the boss at Audi Tradition, explained that, “It was very important to us to be able to realize this project. After all, the cutaway model gives people a very revealing insight into the technology, the composition of the materials, the craftsmanship and the engineering expertise of its time.

"This represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship – every single detail, however tiny, is visible! The Audi Type M is a real eye-catching exhibit that will be positioned at a prominent point at the Audi museum mobile."

The floor of the car is clear acrylic, allowing easy viewing of the chassis components. The body construction, which is a wood and metal composite, can also be seen in the cutaway display. The engine block, however, was left intact. "It would have been simply unforgivable to cut this precious engine in half," according to Peter Spilner, owner of the company performing the restoration.

Audi gets special M: a cutaway '25
- image 205021

Worldwide, there are only four surviving Audi Type Ms of the era, including this one. Restoring the car took 3 ½ years and 4,500 hours of labor.

The model is significant to Audi’s history because it was the firm’s first six cylinder automobile. Audi, along with DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, were later combined into Auto-Union, whose racing successes became famous in the 1930’s. The current Audi was formed from the Auto Union and NSU in 1985. The company maintains a separate Auto Union Tradition division to nurture that product’s history.

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