Wouldn’t it be great if Audi came out with an RS2 inspired avant for 2012. It would not only make for a great concept but it would be an even better road car; and if there is any automaker that can pull off a factory tuned 400+ HP wagon, it’s the four ringed German automaker. After a recent chat with a few Audi of America representatives it looks like a mid sized RS sports car is definitely in the works. As far as the extra spacious interior is concerned, Audi could go the way of their Bavarian brethren at BMW with a few GT inspired fastbacks. However we hope that 100 year old German automaker continues doing what they do best, insanely powerful five door wagons that wear RennSport badges. This is a trend that was started in 1994 with the Passat sized turbocharged five cylinder estate and continued with the original Euro only RS4 that was only available with soccer mom styling.

Audi has more mid size RS models in store for the U.S. market
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In no attempt to toot my own horn, the first time I found myself behind the wheel of a press car I was going to my at the time girlfriend’s house in an Imola Yellow Audi RS4 cabriolet and encountered an equally brilliant Lamborghini Gallardo along the way. So excuse the following if it sounds a little biased, but I can attest to the magic that Audi’s RS engineers can do; but if you have ever driven an RS model then you know about that special button that tightens the steering, increases the horse power and sharpens the RS4’s handling; turning and extraordinary carbon fiber clad touring car into a racecar detuned to be street legal, the RS models are so good that they can make a 350 HP A4 seem a bit tame.

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What we took from the conversation is that Audi is looking to expand their B segment with a high performance factory tuned RS model for the U.S. market in the near future, so there is a strong possibility that the RS5 spy shot we showed you the other day should come true, but we would suggest that you don’t save your money for the future Audi Sport Quattro hopeful, just like the V12 TDI powered R8 super car, is a bit too pricey an idea for the German car builder to convince the Volkswagen Board of directors to invest in at this point in time. It is reassuring that the four ringed automaker brings almost every one of its concepts into a full scale production vehicle, although the Audi Sport Quattro was just a rendering that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be one of the more memorable modern Audis and would definitely help to sell a few more A5 models, just like the old S3 did back in 1999 with a turbocharged four cylinder engine powering a Quattro all wheel drive system and looks that could kill.

Unfortunately for U.S. based Audi enthusiasts, the turbocharged five cylinder RS3 hot hatch will continue to be a Euro only model for the foreseeable future. Audi of America just can’t justify selling a premium hatchback in the U.S. Perhaps if they strap some electric motors onto an axle and call it a hybrid they would have a bit better luck. However they are confident that there are more than enough able bodies buyers to soak up as many M3 fighting super tuned Audi RS5s as the German automaker can import into the country.

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  (182) posted on 09.27.2009

Everyone would be looking forward for this wonder. It such an unfortunate decision that RS3 will not be available for the US market. It’s actually one of the nicest.

  (183) posted on 09.27.2009

It also takes more than just mere engineering skills. The superb timing is also important. And with people still recuperating from the financial crisis, I think that this would be a good decision for Audi.

  (180) posted on 09.27.2009

Definitely no doubt about the capabilities of Audi’s RS engineers. No doubt it has created a halo effect with their advanced engineering technologies. They make wonders.

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