• Audi Named Most Innovative Brand At The Automotive Innovations Awards

German automaker also won awards for Best "Connected Car" and Best "Vehicle Concepts/Body"

Some automakers treat awards with indifference, others treat it as motivation to be better. Audi is one of those companies in the latter group, and if it’s comments after scooping up three awards at the Automotive Innovation Awards are any indication, we may have yet to see the very best out of the Four Rings. But, those are expectations we can set aside for another day; today is all about recognizing Audi winning the "Most Innovative Premium Brand” main prize, as well as scooping up awards for its innovations in two other categories: “Connected Car” and “Vehicle Concepts/Body”.

Audi’s three awards was second only to Volkswagen, which scooped up four awards during the ceremonies in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition, the German automaker also finished second in two categories - “Conventional Drives” and “Alternative Drives” - to go with a third-place finish for the Audi Q7 in the “Innovation Strongest Model” category. As impressive as those finishes are, none is likely more important to Audi than the Most Innovative Premium Brand that it won by beating out Mercedes-Benz (2nd place) and BMW (3rd place), two of the automaker’s fiercest rivals. Dr. Stefan Knirsch, Member of the AUDI AG Board of Management for Technical Development, said it best when he described the awards as both “praise and motivation” for the company. You can add bragging rights in there too, which we know is something that’s very important for Audi and its two rivals. Likewise, Audi’s win in the “Connected Car” category came at the expense of Tesla (2nd) and once again, Mercedes (3rd). Interestingly enough, all three automakers also made up the top three places of the “Vehicle Concepts/Body” category. Audi once again took home the bacon, but it was Mercedes who finished bridesmaid with Tesla in the bottom step of the podium.

The Automotive Innovation Awards may not be as recognized as it should be, but the level of competition for these awards is arguably the most competitive. Over 1,400 innovations from 20 automakers and 50 brands were all considered for the award. The fact that Audi scooped up three awards for itself is proof that the German automaker has been as aggressive as any company in spearheading technological innovations within its own house.

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Why it Matters

Considering how important it is for an automaker like Audi to beat out rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz in innovation, the awards it received at the Automotive Innovation Awards are all big deals, none bigger than being honored as the most innovative brand in the premium segment. On a serious note, this sets Audi up pretty well as the hard work it has put in to get to the position it’s in now is being recognized. It may not seem important for us in the outside world, but if you’re plying your craft in arguably the most competitive industry in the world, any edge you can get is a huge one.

Dr. Knirsch said it best when he described the award as a source of pride and motivation for the company. We already know the pride part of it, but the motivation part is the real key towards seeing something bigger and better from the German automaker. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Audi is capable of next. Evidently, it’s more than capable of being a market leader in innovation, and if it can continue down this path, there’s no telling what kind of innovation Audi can come up with next. It’s exciting to watch out for.

Oh, and let’s not forget, motivation cuts both ways. As much as Audi plans to use the award to motivate itself towards bigger and better things, you can be sure that Mercedes-Benz and BMW are doing the same thing to usurp Audi’s position. Make no mistake, Audi’s two rivals will be more determined than ever to spearhead their respective projects in innovation. That much we can all agree on knowing how these three automakers operate relative to the other two. If BMW had one, it would’ve been the same thing with Audi and Mercedes. Likewise, if Mercedes had won, Audi and BMW would be doubling down their efforts to get to where BMW is. The fact that it was Audi who took home the award cuts deep for both BMW and Mercedes and, just as the sky is blue and the sun is hot, you can be sure that both BMW and Mercedes aren’t going to take to losing out to Audi lying down.

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Audi claimed three wins at the Automotive Innovation Awards. The awards are presented by the research institute Center of Automotive Management (CAM) and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC). Audi won the “Most Innovative Premium Brand” main prize. The brand with the four rings also received awards for its innovations in the categories “Connected Car” and “Vehicle Concepts/Body”.

  • Three wins for Audi at the Automotive Innovations Awards
  • Head of Technical Development Dr. Stefan Knirsch: “Awards document Vorsprung durch Technik”

“These awards are both praise and motivation for our team,” said Dr. Stefan Knirsch, Member of the AUDI AG Board of Management for Technical Development. “We are an innovation driver for classic and alternative drive systems, lightweight construction and production processes, connectivity, driver assistance and piloted driving – and we are working continuously to maintain our ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.” The Center of Automotive Management and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG presented the Automotive Innovations Award for the fifth time this year. Over 1,400 innovations from 20 automobile manufacturers and 50 brands were considered for the award. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday evening in Frankfurt am Main.

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