We mentioned yesterday the first public showroom sighting of the Audi R8 Spider at the new Audi showroom in London, England. And while the mere sight of the convertible version of the R8 left us wanting to book the next flight to London, we couldn’t go by a day without mentioning just how enormous the new dealership is.

Covering 190,000 square feet, the five-story Audi dealership is being touted as the company’s largest dealership in the world, and justifiably so considering that it took six years for the building to be completed.

In addition to the five-stories – the first three of which are showroom floors that Audi says can hold as many as 120 cars, while the top two floors occupy the “Audi Quattro Rooms”, the complex’s business and creative floors – the new Audi dealership at West London also has two basement floors where a 32-bay maintenance area is located, as well as parking spaces for employees and guests alike.

A workplace of this magnitude needs a lot of serviceable and efficient employees and Audi has said that the dealership will have at least 100 employees working together to provide the best Audi service possible.

Ambitious as it may be for Audi to move-in to an enormous dealership, the brand sees it as the first step in increasing the brand’s significance in the UK. According to Jeremy Hicks, director of Audi UK, “In its scope, size and complexity, West London Audi is like nothing we’ve built before. It is 100 times more complicated than a normal retail centre."

You don’t say, Mr. Hicks. You don’t say.


Source: Taume

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