We know that for Valentine’s Day – yes, guys, today is the big “V-day” – you usually give your loved one candy or flowers, but what if your loved one is a real Audi fanatic? You can easily imagine that for someone like this, candy or flowers won’t do the trick, so, what’s the solution then?

Well, Audi has offered up its own gift for its Valentines and we have to admit, it looks a little bit creepy, but for some people this might be the perfect gift. We are talking about a very cool artwork: the Audi Heart concept. It is the heart of an Audi RS5 that has been reorganized to create ventricles, valves, pumps and an aorta.

In the Audi RS5, the V8 engine develops a total of 450 horsepower and a peak torque of 317 pound-feet. We hope that all of you Audiphiles receive this wonderful Valentine in your Valentine’s Day box today!


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  (341) posted on 02.16.2013

Men! I suppose they created this for them and because they like it and presented it as a gift for women. Shame on you!

  (346) posted on 02.16.2013

I wonder if this is only a concept or is for real and we can have it under our hoods. Is interesting.

  (349) posted on 02.16.2013

"and an aorta"... like they could have done more than one. Well, they could, but that would have been silly.

  (377) posted on 02.16.2013

These are sooo cute! I like the way they think. And is true that the heart is like an engine.

  (397) posted on 02.16.2013

well, well, well!! well this is a very original idea and I must admit that I like it!

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