Remember Audi said it will unveil a hybrid Q7 next year? Well is not that easy! According to AutoCar Audi has put the plans for a hybrid Q7 on indefinite hold, but is pushing ahead plans for a hybrid version of the Q5.

It seems that the company realized that the top priority is lithium ion technology and not gas-electric hybrid systems. "It’s clear this technology will become increasingly important in coming years and we want to make sure we are at the forefront when it comes to market," said Michael Dick, head of Audi’s research and development.

Although Audi no longer plans selling the Q7 in hybrid form, Dick says it still be produced in small volume to be run internally for evaluation purposes. "There are plans to build the Q7 Hybrid but only in very limited numbers, [but] it won’t be offered or sold to customers in the traditional sense."

Priority has now been switched to ensuring plans for a Q5 hybrid are realized. "We are looking to make the Q5 our first true hybrid model, and the plan is to have it ready for lithium ion technology," says Dick.


Source: AutoCar

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