Audi of America’s new digital marketing campaign for the 2007 Audi Q7 performance SUV went live this month, proving once again that Audi’s ability to utilize all available technology in new and innovative ways extends far beyond just their automobiles.

To illustrate the Audi Q7’s remarkable versatility and ability to facilitate all dimensions of life, Factory Design Labs created the “7 Days” online campaign that delivers day-specific messaging in a series of smart banners and a corresponding microsite. Utilizing a hidden feature of Flash, all elements of the campaign automatically generate appropriate content based on the timestamp of the user’s computer.

“Just as Audi leverages all available technologies in new and innovative ways to deliver the best possible experience for our customers, Factory did the same by applying this Flash application to the Audi Q7 campaign,” said Bethany Verrill, Online Marketing Manager for Audi of America.

Factory Design Labs drew direct inspiration for the campaign solution from Audi’s innovative approach to automotive design and technology.

Audi Q7 - new digital campaign
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“The ‘7 days’ campaign is a statement of Audi’s relentless exploration of technology,” said Scott Mellin, CEO of Factory Design Labs. “It represents their commitment to deliver the highest quality experience to their customers, both on the road and online.”

For more information on the Audi Q7, visit the microsite at

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