With a 118.2-inch wheelbase, the Q7 may not be the largest SUV on the road, but it is among the heaviest. Weighing nearly 5,300 pounds, the Q7 carries over 300 pounds more than the R500, yet feels downright ironclad by comparison.

The second you enter the driver seat, there’s an unmistakable heft about the Q7. The doors are heavy, the seat is firm and the controls require a heavy hand. Despite its tight turning circle, the Q7 feels a bit cumbersome around town. City drivers can feel like they’re piloting a small ship to the grocery store.

A 4.2-liter V8 engine similar to the one that powers the 414-horsepower Audi RS 4 sport sedan is standard. Both use FSI direct gasoline injection technology that allows fuel to be injected directly into the combustion chamber for greater power without sacrificing fuel economy. Audi V8s have always been a little light on bottom-end torque, but come on strong as the tach needle climbs, and the double-overhead-cam 4.2 is no exception. In the Q7, the engine is rated at 325 pound-feet of torque at 3,500 rpm and 350 hp at its 6,800-rpm redline.

Aglow in red illumination, the Q7’s state-of-the-art interior mimics the wonderful interior in the A6 sedan. Audi has managed a high-tech presentation without a sacrifice in comfort or warmth. Our test car had the optional premium Cricket leather seating, and natural walnut, leather and aluminum trim surrounding the cockpit-style control panel. Fit and finish, along with the quality of the materials, remains industry leading.

Source: Inside Line

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