AutoExpress revealed today new details/speculation on the future R4 that is set to be released in 2011. It will be built on an entirely new platform and will be placed above TT in Audi’s line-up. It seems Porsche is getting into is role as Volkswagen’s owner, because the R4’s new platform will also likely underpin the next generation lighter Boxster and Cayman.

Like many of the future Audi model the design will be inspired by the R8 sport car getting LED lights, large trapezoidal air intakes and low profile. Under the hood of the future R4, Audi will likely raid the bin of TFSI engines, with the entry-level model most likely to get a highly tuned 2.0-liter turbo. There will also be a 335bhp 2.5-litre five-cylinder option.

Also mentioned was the diesel version of the R8 looks like it will make production. While an oil-burning sports car may keep some people’s head scratching, the formula seems to be a good one: 500 hp V12 engine with 190 mph top speed and 25 mpg. The car will likely be named R10. A car with a V12 called R10 may start the head scratching again, but remember, Audi’s Le Mans dominating gas powered V8 car was called the R8, and its diesel V12 replacement was the R10 TDI.


Source: AutoExpress

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