I just stopped by one of the largest Audi dealer in South Florida to check what was new. To my surprise they have one Audi R8 available for sale right there in the front of the show room. I came a little closer to see how much.. and oupps, there is no window sticker price on this baby, but instead a nice little note saying ’market adjustment price $179,900...

Audi R8 marked up 80% : $179,900
- image 250977

Compared to the sticker price of $109k, that is almost 80% markup. At least we have no more fear of Audi announcing the death of supercars because of a slowdown in sales!

If you really want your R8 this week, come pick it up at Prestige Audi ;)

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alex1234567890  (31) posted on 07.3.2008

A viper is cheaper than that (no offense audi)!

alex1234567890  (31) posted on 07.3.2008

I cant believe it that expensive!

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.12.2008

It would be cheaper to import it from Germany.

pdaix  (431) posted on 06.11.2008

I just wonder who pocket the extra $80k ? the dealership or is it shared with Audi ?

If only they could make some market adjustments on the Hummer H2, I think we could pick up some pretty good deal in the low $20k smiley

pdaix  (70) posted on 06.11.2008

And they want to sell it at that price?

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