Nobody said that you can’t own your own Audi R8, even if it’s the two-dimensional, garden variety type.

That’s exactly what Audi Canada is promoting. In a unique ploy to get you to make your neighbors believe you have the Audi supercar in your garage, Audi Canada is selling a garage door wrap that is designed with an R8 parked inside.

Now, don’t get too excited. The R8 is nothing more than an enhanced photo and dreams of having the real one will cost you millions more. But if you’re the type who has status-seeking neighbors, then this should make them green with envy – at least until they find out that its nothing more than a wrap.

At first we thought that this was created by a novelty store that decided to use the R8 as some sort of prank. But after finding out that Audi Canada was behind this, we had to give them props for a really swell marketing ploy.

In the event that you fancy yourself decorating your garage with an R8, you can get this wrap for $469 Canadian.


Source: Audi R8

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