As we try to figure out if the new Audi R8 Spyder is going to be a full convertible of just a targa top, this new spy shot may not be much help. A closer look shows that although the roof on this car looks to be fabric, the back is still made of solid material. So is this a partial test of the convertible top, or just extra fabric to used to cloak the tagra top?

One thing that is noticeable in this design is the cleaner lines of the rear air intake. This suggests the topless version of the R8 may not give the silver/carbon fiber option of the side panel.

When the R8 Spyder goes on sale next year, it will first feature the 420 hp V-8 from the hard top version. But a pair of V-10 upper-level cars should soon join both versions. Rumors are going around that 5.2-liter and 5.0-liter twin turbo V-10s are being prepared for use in the supercar. In fact, the tailpipes and bystander reports suggest the car in this picture was a V-10 and not the standard V-8.


Source: Motor Authority

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