Audi R8 will make its New Yok debut on the occasion of the grand opening of the newly created Audi Forum New York City.

On Wednesday October, 11, a spectacle will happen in New York City that should grab the attention of any self-respecting Audiphile and virtually any other auto enthusiast. The day will begin with Audi executive cameos planned for several national morning news shows in New York, followed by a truly remarkable occurrence. At just after 10:00 AM EST, a procession of Audis will parade down Park Avenue under police escort, led by the new R8, flanked by the R10 TDI racecar and a 1938 Auto Union Type D Silver Arrow. The three will finally followed by several other Audi models.

The cars will be staged on Park Avenue, expected to begin at 52nd. It will finish at the Audi Forum New York City located at Park and 57th. Driving down the street in formation, the Audis will be escorted by NYPD officers on motorcycles.

Source: Fortitude

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