It’s not the first time you’ve heard about the RS4 going out of production. But even if Audi denied those rumors, pretends to have the news directly from an Audi official: the RS4 will go out of production at the end of November!

The first to go out of production will be the sedan version, followed by the Avant version at the end of the year and the Convertible version in 2008.

Powered by a 414 hp V8 engine, the RS4 is a real success all over the world. Reason why in the summer of 2006 the company added another two versions in the line-up: the RS4 avant and convertible.


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  (608) posted on 10.21.2007

another one will rise?!! lol u think this sum hero villian eh i think u bin watchin too much justice league an secondly the only cars who competed with the m3 were volvo audi merc an porsche an now the audi is out therefor one less

  (372) posted on 10.21.2007

One less rival? I highly doubt that. For every adversary lost, up shall another rise to take its place.

  (608) posted on 10.20.2007

yeah thats wat u say an i doubted it to but lets jus wait an see an if it so happens that the rs4 dips out then as i said bmw has one less rival end of discussion

  (372) posted on 10.20.2007

I don’t think so. Things do tend to get lost in the translation from Dutch to English. No doubt what was meant is that the current RS4 will be discontinued, after which the next generation RS4 (based on the upcoming A4) will start roll out. The lads at Audi are no fools. They would NEVER drop out of that market at a time when they are doing so well in that arena.

  (608) posted on 10.19.2007

swibe i guess m3 will have one less rival to compete with all the better for bmw

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