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    Audi RS4 The RS4 offers new dimensions in driving dynamics by combining innovative ideas. The exciting looks and exquisite level of equipment that stands up to for the uppermost opulence standards make the RS4 line-up, the latest high-performance products from quattro (Audi's sports division) to stand among the most desirable vehicles on the market.
  • Audi RS4 The RS 4 bridges the gap between racing and everyday motoring. By combining emotion and functional excellence the new car meets all the demands made by the owner of a sports car in general and an Audi in particular in today's motoring world.
  • Audi RS4 The Audi RS 4 is quite an exclusive, clever automobile with extraordinary drive train qualities, and offers unmatched driving dynamics by any other car in its segment.
  • Audi RS4 The new vehicle has undergone a serious weight-loss treatment that optimized every component in order to attain minimum weight. As a result the power-to-weight ratio has an outstanding value of only 8.66 lbs per bhp.
  • Audi RS4 The RS 4 conceals racing technology and performance in civilian clothes. While many of its features resemble similar to the rest of the Audi A4 line-up, the RS 4 is far more than just a “fast” derived of Audi's midrange sedan.
  • Audi RS4 The V8 revs up to 8,250 rpm. 420 bhp are already delivered at 7,800 rpm. With a displacement of 4,163 cc, this supercar engine breaks through the magical barrier of 100 bhp per litre, a truly dazzling accomplishment for a production saloon.
  • Audi RS4 The engine has an ultra-compact design, and fits snugly into the engine compartment of the RS 4 without requiring major modifications to the body.
  • Audi RS4 There are innumerable resemblances to the motor racing around the interior of the RS 4. The most evident are the use of carbon fibre and aluminium. The moment you get in, it is clear you are taking a seat in a sports car. The engine is engaged at the push of a button.
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