We live in a day and age where the line between genius advertising and over-the-top advertising gets blurred with every new bombastic ad that comes out. And given that information and technology have become synonymous with each other, that line gets murkier and murkier with each passing day.

Take this new Audi-inspired ad concept from the minds of Access Agency for example. Though it’s still to be implemented, the ad is certainly ranks up there in the stratosphere of the bold and audacious, literally and figuratively.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, imagine looking at an iconic structure like the London Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. Now, picture an enormous Audi symbol – four rings – dangling from the structure with four real Audi vehicles on them. There’s more. At night, you can see these rings rotate around, light up and even move up and down the bridge like the synchronized water fountain at the Bellagio.

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It’s bold and daring, for a lack of a better description. But it also begs the question on how far manufacturers are willing to go to promote their brand. In a day where constant innovation happens on a day-to-day basis, ad concept’s like the one Access Agency has in mind for Audi will no doubt shape the way auto advertising – and advertising in general, for that matter – is done in the future.

Source: Access Agency

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