Audi may be famous for being one of the world’s top premium brands, but like every automaker that’s worth its salt, the German brand is also known to dabble into products that are unrelated to its core industry. Such was the case when Audi launched a wireless charger for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones that takes the form of a phone case and works with Audi’s own Phone Box option for its vehicles.

The whole point of the wireless charger is at it’s described; it totally renders cords and cables irrelevant. Instead, Audi designed the case’s cover to be Qi-enabled, which essentially allows wireless charging through induction transfer by simply placing the device on top of a charging pad. In the case of Audi’s new Phone Box, owners of models with the standalone option simply need to place their phones in the center console for the charging process to begin. No cables or plug-ins on USB ports needed. The case also works on any base charging station that offers the same Qi functionality. That means that owners don’t need to be inside their Audis to be able to charge their phones.

On the aesthetic side, Audi opted to keep the case’s design as simple and straightforward as possible. It’s light, slim, and offers clear operations of the iPhone’s external features, including the speakers, sensors, ports, and camera lens and flash. Owners do have to remove the small Qi receiver clip on the bottom of the case to gain access to the lightning port in case they need to charge their phones using an external power bank.

The case is available in the UK at a price of £35, which would be around $45 based on current exchange rates. There’s no word yet on whether the case will hit U.S. shores.

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Audi's New iPhone Case Offers Wireless Charging Through Phone Box Option
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It’s a nifty new feature that Audi has come up with and if I had an Audi myself, I probably would’ve been intrigued enough to give it a whirl. But I don’t own an Audi and there aren’t that many Qi-enabled charging stations from where I’m from so it’s not going to matter. The new case is available even for those who don’t own Audis themselves so I’m sure a lot of iPhone 6 owners who come across the case will buy it for the obvious benefits it provides.

The good thing is that Audi didn’t overprice the case to the point that it becomes impossible to buy. Less than $50 is a good price considering its capabilities and the fact that the case itself does looks attractive in a classy and business-like manner. It’s not going to attract attention, which is a good thing for a case to be. Sorry, but those bedazzled Ed Hardy phone cases are ridiculous.

Right now, it appears that the cases are available only in the U.K. so for those who are interested in getting the case, here’s to hoping that the case makes its way here in the U.S. sooner than later.

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Audi has just unlocked even more of the latest iPhone’s in-car capability with a new wireless charging case that works in conjunction with its optional Audi Phone Box connection and charging system. When the Qi-enabled cover is fitted to the latest iPhone 6 and 6s models they can simply be placed in the centre console to start the charging process, without the need to plug in a separate cable via the USB port. This innovative feature also works outside of the car on any base station that also has Qi functionality.

Audi's New iPhone Case Offers Wireless Charging Through Phone Box Option
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Branded with the four Audi rings on the front and rear, the Audi wireless charging case has a light, slimline design that allows unhindered operation of the iPhone’s camera lens and flash, headphone port, speakers and sensors. The small Qi receiver clip on the bottom of the case can also be easily removed to allow full access to the lightning port for charging on the move.

Featuring a lacquered polycarbonate finish that is robust and durable, the case also protects against light knocks and light scratches. It is Apple MFi certified, having met the required performance standards.

The Audi wireless charging case for iPhone 6 and 6s requires Audi Phone Box to be installed in the car to function. Available to order as a standalone option from £325 or as part of the Technology Pack on a host of new models*, Audi Phone Box also boosts phone signal quality, depending on reception, when a handset is paired by creating a wireless connection to the vehicle’s aerial. Another convenient feature of the option is the additional Bluetooth interface, which allows two mobile phones – a work phone and personal phone, for example – to connect to the car simultaneously.

Audi's New iPhone Case Offers Wireless Charging Through Phone Box Option
- image 685194

The Audi wireless charging cover for iPhone 6 and 6s can be purchased now from any Audi Centre for an RRP of £35, and is also available to order online now via the Audi merchandise store -

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